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ww What do Women REALLY Want?

Men are perpetually perplexed by this question. They always assume that women are such complicated creatures that it is nearly impossible to ascertain what women want most in relationships. However, it isn’t all that hard. We interview thousands of women who are looking for committed relationships and there are certainly some common denominators.

1) Women want a man who is confident. All women want a man they can look up to, a man they can respect, and a man that makes them feel safe. Confidence…not arrogance, not dominance, and not macho heroics. It is a willingness to face life struggles without being shaken and an “I can handle anything” attitude.

2) Women want to feel cherished and adored. All women want to have a man that makes them feel special. They want to know that he appreciates her for the unique individual that she is. This is why listening is so important to women. If you can listen intently to her, you can find what makes her special and that will give you all the clues you need to win her over. Remember that women are emotional creatures and how you make her feel when she is with you is paramount.

3) Women want a man who can make them laugh. Having a sense of humor and the ability to make her laugh is one of the most appealing qualities you can have. Women like men with a positive attitude and who can find humor in day to day activities. It makes them relax more around you, shows them your positive attitude, and also shows them that you will always be able to lift their spirits when life gets them down. For a woman, that is a very sexy attribute.



men wantWhat Do Men Really Want? 

As professional matchmakers and relationship experts, we at The Dating Source have learned a thing or two about men. Yes, men are the simpler sex for the most part. Here are the top 3 things that men want in a partner:

 1)  Men want Attraction and Passion- Men aren’t as scared of relationships as women might think. However, they are afraid of being in a relationship where there is no passion or sexual chemistry. As women already know, men are very visual. It may be partially biology and partially society influenced, but it is a fact. All men want an attractive woman by their side.

 2)  Men want Women Who are Happy and Playful- Men develop bonds by doing shared activities, while women develop bonds through talking. Here is where many women lose men who they otherwise could have kept. Men assume that by talking about your problems or concerns you may be one of the drama queens that they so adamantly want to avoid. Talking about family issues, problems at work, or ex-boyfriends, may make you feel better but it will only serve to drive him away. You will never talk your way into a man’s heart. A man will bond with you with the experiences you create with him. Besides being attracted to your appearance, he needs to be attracted to your personality. When you have fun and laughter together, he will want to spend more time with you. So, let your playful side show!

3) Men want to be Respected and Admired- Men want to be the best they can be for themselves and for their woman. They have been taught since little boys to compete, bury emotions, and earn rewards for being strong and smart. Therefore, you should not nag, blame, or criticize your man. It will never get you anywhere. When things go wrong, as they often do, show that you have faith in him. When things go right, appreciate the efforts he expended to make you happy.



hmAre all Very Attractive Women High Maintenance?

This is one question that we hear often. Certain geographic areas do tend to breed a more difficult to please group of women. Midwestern and southern women are known for their sweetness and humility, while certain other areas are known for having more superficial women. Our job as good matchmakers is to find these higher quality women. And yes, they do exist. However, they are often not the women you are coming into contact with on a daily basis and they are certainly not the women you are meeting out at nightclubs or even online. Once women meet our attractiveness standards, we must interview them at length to find out about their values, family backgrounds, former relationships, etc.. Only after they pass our strict standards will they be introduced to our male clientele. We do the screening to ensure that you get the physical standards you want, but not the superficiality that you don’t want.



vsMatchmaking Agencies vs. Online Dating

We’ve all tried it at one time or another, even though we don’t want to admit it. And then we’ve all decided it wasn’t what we thought. We are not saying that some people do not meet their mates online, because some certainly do. However, many do not and are left disillusioned. A very attractive woman on a dating site will frequently get over a 100 emails or winks daily. She often won’t take the time to weed through them all and if she does, she often can’t decipher who the good men are from the less desirable ones. You can be the best man for her, but getting her attention will be difficult at best.


As a busy man, you also have the challenge of spending hours online to search for the type of women you want. If you are to continue being successful, isn’t your time better spent doing other things?. Quite frequently, photos aren’t current and it’s a fact that many women (and men) misrepresent themselves online. After all, no one polices the site for accuracy. This is why many have turned to matchmaking agencies as a better option. Yes, it’s more expensive, but here is a prime example of getting what you pay for. A quality matchmaking company will show you current photos, they will have spent time interviewing you, as well as many, many women to narrow your search. They will be able to truly find quality matches for you based on your criteria and having met you. It will save you time, frustration, give you options, and get you into a relationship much faster. They also facilitate along the way so there is no guessing on your part about how the date went.